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A unique opportunity to become more seaworthy and go deeper into the technology of sailing - here is the package offer for you! Our sailing courses are divided into three stages that gradually increase in knowledge and execution. In sailing certificate 1, you learn the basics, which means that you can sail on your own during the day inside the archipelago. We then go deeper into the technique and practice more trimming in step 2. Finally in step 3, we practice sailing offshore and work with sail trimming and spinnaker. This also includes a trip in the dark. Depending on prior knowledge, there is always a sailing course that suits you, where step 1 has no requirement for prior knowledge. The content of the courses is a perfect mix of theory, practice and boating - all in one. Here you learn everything from safety and responsibility to mooring and sailing. We live boating for four days. This includes visiting natural harbors, carrying ashore the grill, some sauna, and other things that belong to boating. The sailing courses are courses established by the Board for Boating Education. We always have a satisfaction guarantee on our courses! All courses are conducted at Najad 440 Divina Aurora. All participants can get their own cabin. Book your sailing course online. Welcome! Course time: Four days. For Step 1 there are no prerequisites, for Step 2 the Inshore Diploma is required and for Step 3 a Coast Guard Certificate is required.

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  • 3 juni, 2021 09:00 - 6 juni, 2021 - 17:00
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